Marilyn Reyes (she/her) is a Mexican American designer located in Portland, Oregon.
Interested in culturally relevant design, she’s driven by typograhy, human experiences,
and visual storytelling.

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The culmination of two college terms of research, Mexican American graffiti is an exploration of the people, culture, and hardships who influenced and created this particular art style.

Research, Page Layout, Hand Lettering


A campaign for the annual Harold Hunter Day, in memory of the iconic street skater from New York. The campaign aims to stay true to the personality of Harold and skating, while encouraging skaters of all ages and skill levels to be part of the event.

Page Layout, Branding, Research

Oyogu is a children’s yogurt brand created to capture the fun in being healthy, while incorporating learning new languages. This brand thinks about what appeals to and benefits children, while working with a parent’s goal of healthiness.

Branding, Packaging, Illustration


NONSTOP magazine centers around the relationship between fans and artists from all over the world, meant to serve as a meeting space for the two to come together.

Page Layout, Editorial


A Strategic Plan for the Anahuac Cultural Center designed in 2022 for their community and local stakeholders. The plan follows their already established brand guidelines from color, type, and photo treatment.

Branding, Layout